Latest BT gadget reviews

BT eFrame 200 photo frame
2.5 stars BT eFrame 200 photo frame By Chris Hall

Digital picture frames have been around for some years now and come in all shapes, sizes and functions. With the technology trickling through to the masses,... Read more

BT Verve 450 telephone
4.0 stars BT Verve 450 telephone By Stuart Miles

BT continues to launch new landline phones in the belief that most of us haven't completely transferred over to the mobile phone alltogether. So can the... Read more

BT Elements landine telephone
3.5 stars BT Elements landine telephone By Stuart Miles

There is no point lying to us, we know you see yourself as one of those rugged types. Well you if you are then BT thinks it has the phone for you with... Read more

BT Reveal telephone
4.0 stars BT Reveal telephone By Stuart Miles

With more and more of us opting to use our mobile phones, landline providers like BT are having to really attempt to spruce up the boring landline phone... Read more

BT Glide Bluetooth Cordless Home Phone
3.0 stars BT Glide Bluetooth Cordless Home Phone By Stuart Miles

Who says Bluetooth is just for your mobile? BT don't think that either and have launched a new landline phone with Bluetooth built-in. But do we really... Read more

BT Zenith Flip telephone
4.0 stars BT Zenith Flip telephone By Stuart Miles

With landline telephones catching up in features, you need to stay ahead of the pack if you want to make the most out of what is on offer out there. To... Read more

BT WipeBoard corded telephone
4.0 stars BT WipeBoard corded telephone By Stuart Miles

The phone rings, you answer it, but it's not for you. Now what? Find a scrap of paper, jot down the message and then put it in a place that won't get lost.... Read more

BT Calypso 1100
4.0 stars BT Calypso 1100 By Stuart Miles

With more and more of us using our mobile phones to make calls, landline manufacturers have to try everything and anything to get us to use the landline... Read more