Stanley has a reputation for doing things properly and their range of power strips and surge protectors are no exception. Both units come in ‘home’ and ‘workshop’ options, with the workshop options being built for the rugged life in a metal casing. With the Surge Protector the difference is that the home version comes in a 6-way version, whereas the metal cased workshop version only comes in 4-way.

Both versions include an integral illuminated power switch means that you can be sure that nothing has been left on accidentally - a real plus when you’re running multiple devices from the same power supply.

The power strips include nifty little rubber covers for the sockets not in use - meaning that all the mess you generate in your workshop does not end up in the bottom of them and with 5M of cable they’re sufficiently long for most applications.

While the surge protectors come with a £6,000 Connected Equipment Warranty, meaning that if anything fries whilst connected to it, Stanley will do the right thing, and replace your products. If anything this demonstrates the confidence Stanley has in its product.

Whilst we at Pocket-Lint towers found it difficult to deliberately simulate a power surge, we were incredibly impressed with the quality of the build and the attention to detail - these products are really built to last.


Overall these are excellent products, sturdily built and with much going for them for either the novice DIYer or professional worker. If you're doing seriously hardcore work, or just want the reassurance of incredibly well built products, then these are definitely for you.

Stanley 4-Way Power Strips and Stanley Surge Protectors deals

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