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(Pocket-lint) - Who would have thought that the iPod killer would come from the manufacturer of the iPod. The new nano is small, sleek and very sexy, but can it live up to its tag line “Impossibly small”? Pocket-lint took a closer look.

Coming in two varieties; a 2Gb and 4Gb model both are available in black or white. However using the mini name just wasn’t going to cut it and this device is amazingly small. Think two iPod shuffles but only flatter and weighing a svelte 42 grams and you start to get the picture.

The casing is split in two sections, the iconic silver backing found on all the iPod models and depending on your model either a shiny white cover or shiny black cover. Apple has opted to make the click wheel themselves this time and that means that it’s a rougher texture than iPod users will be used to. As to whether that’s a good thing or not, we think this actually helps.

Concerns over the scratchability of the player are rightly so and we would recommend anyone thinking of buying one to invest in some sort of protection from day one. We took it out of the packaging, put it in our pocket with some change and a mobile phone. Five minutes later we took it out again and it already had a faint scratch on it.

Connecting to iTunes, users will be able to opt for the same experience as previous iPod models and there is even an Autofill option that will randomly fill your iPod with tunes from your collection if you’ve got too many to fit on the 2Gb or 4Gb offering.

2Gb will get you around 500 songs and 4Gb 1000 tracks as long as they aren’t all 13 minute John Coltrane numbers.

Because of the photo-viewing element, you can also sync the nano with iPod Photo on an Apple Mac. As with previous models you can opt to sync your entire photo collection or specific rolls or albums.

The main cause of amazement is that the nano has a screen built in such a small and thin device. Taking a leaf out of the iPod Photo, the nano features a bright colour screen, if not a bit on the small size, but still able to view image you’ve transferred via your computer.

Digital photographers however will be upset to hear that the Apple Digital Camera connector doesn’t work on the nano nor can you get a cable to be able to view the images on a nearby television. Viewing back you images on the screen is more likely to be a reference option rather than something worth straining your eyes over.

Those bored of the music can head over to the in-built games, challenge themselves at their own music collection with the music quiz, play miniature solitaire or even bricks - Apple’s version of Breakout.


There is no doubt that this is going to be one of those must have devices if you haven't already signed up for the iPod revolution. The sleekness of the device means it will garner oohs and aahs from all over, heck Mrs Pocket-lint got excited by the smallness of the box it came in let alone the player itself.

What makes this a winning combination is the iTunes software and how easy it is to use. Okay so the catches are that you will be tied into Apple's iTunes Music Store and the Apple file format for the foreseeable future, but when it's this good, who cares?

Our final and most important piece of advice however to any would be buyer; make sure you get a protective case from day one, else your shiny new toy will have more scratches on it than a funky renegade dj's record collection.

Writing by Stuart Miles.