Trying to get a product in at a specific price point is always hard. At what point do you sacrifice technology for the sake of getting a good price point. You get the feeling that Acer has come across this dilemma when creating the Acer MP3 Flash Stick.

A 128Mb player that fits snugly into a USB Storage Media Key, the only real difference between this and its data brethren is the rather large LCD display allowing you to see the relevant track information.

The unit connects to the PC via USB and makes for easy set up and song transfer without the need for specific software.

Whilst on the surface the Acer could be compared to the PikaOne, the unit has actually got it right when it comes to the location of the buttons to control the device. A mode button allows for easy selection of MP3, WMA or voice files while a flick switch at the top of the unit allows for further selection. Volume is on the side as it a locking switch and overall it's all neatly laid out.


This is neither the prettiest nor the ugliest player on the market so you get the feeling Acer wanted to concentrate on the job in hand rather than worry about all the sheen that goes with a high end product. Sound is okay, once you get a good set of headphones and unfortunately once again price has reared its ugly head rendering the shipped headphones very low quality.

Ultimately this is a shame as the average user will end up blaming the player - something which we found uncalled for. A nice try, but with other players beating on price, performance and features it seems the idea just hasn’t worked. If the price point attracts, then check the reviews section for the Audio Technica iCool ATC-H5s, which would rescue playback sound quality quite nicely. If you still want in-ear headphones then there’s Sennheiser MX-500s for £20