(Pocket-lint) - So you've got an iPhone (who hasn't) and you know that it's probably the worst device on the planet for actually lasting longer than a couple of hours without needing a charge.

In steps the Griffin Simplifi, an iPhone/iPod docking station that is designed for your desk rather than your night stand, the principle aim being to keep your Apple created device powered.

We say principle aim, because the Simplifi has more to it than just charging your favourite phone or MP3 player. Closer inspection actually reveals that the Simplifi is about "de-cluttering" your desk, well at least that's what the box says, so what is it exactly?

Put simply (get it) the Simplfi is a memory card reader, USB hub and iPod/iPhone docking station in one.

The square light grey solid lump of anodized aluminium and plastic sports two memory card slots at the front that support CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SD, and xD formats. Around the back you get two USB ports as well as a power-in so those two USB ports can in turn power devices like portable hard drives or keyboards without complaining.

The top of that lump sports the iPhone/iPod dock and there are, as you would expect a series of different "cups" to fit the device you have.

As you might imagine there isn't much to the operation of the Simplifi. Power is provided via the included power adapter, while PC or Mac connectivity is via the included USB cable.  

Memory cards are automatically accepted once you connect them and the same goes for the iPhone/iPod too. Transfer speeds are based on your memory card capabilities, but they will be fast enough for most.

Grumbles? It would have been nice to have included a USB socket around the front, and just two seems a bit stingy. The design would have allowed, albeit a bit cramped, more sockets to make this a "Real" hub of merit. 


If you are short of space on your desk, need a memory card reader for your camera and looking to expand your USB options (the MacBook and MacBook Pro only come with two remember), this is as good a solution as any.

This is Griffin doing what they do best, creating simple and easy to use products that don't necessarily break the mould, but just work. 

We just wish there were more USB sockets.

Writing by Stuart Miles.