(Pocket-lint) - Gadgets are great aren't they? The problem is, is that the current batch of latest and greatest last about 12 hours before you need to find a power socket. If that sounds familiar then you need to look at alternative power solutions. In steps the Energizer range of power of the go options and in this case the Xpal XP2000.

The new range, called Energizer Energi To Go, range in size and capability with the smallest offering starting at 600mAh for phones to an 18,000mAh charger that can power up to three devices at once, including a notebook.

Each battery will come with a series of power "tips" in the box that lets you connect and charge most devices, with the company going as far as to say that they've got virtually every device built in the last 10 years covered. If you do manage to outsmart them, Energizer says that it will build you one at no extra cost.

So keen is the company to appeal to gadget fans, they are even promising two free tips a year for the life of the Energi To Go product to ensure that as consumers purchase new devices they will have the right tips to charge them.

Back to the XP2000 and you get the main charging unit and six tips including iPod/iPhone 30-pin dock connector, Mini-USB, Micro-USB, as well as tips for Samsung, Nokia and LG phones. The unit itself is also capable of taking a USB as well as a Mini-USB cable directly, so you can get around the lack of a cable/tip for your device.

In use and the battery gadget gets to work charging your gadgets for you. All you have to do it plug them into the main element and away you go. To give you an idea of charge there is a basic blue LED bar system that lights up accordingly. It doesn't tell you how much charge you've got or how much longer it will take to charge your device, just that the unit has charge.

The unit isn't without catches however. Without a power socket in the box you will have to charge the battery via USB and charging on the go is rather cumbersome, as you've got a battery dangling from your phone.


It's basic in its offering, but then it is just a battery. Where the Energizer Energi To Go range succeeds is that it's not just restricted to one gadget. However where it all falls down is that you can't really use or travel with your charging gadget effectively. While you can theoretically do it, it's a pain to use your phone and this battery at the same time.

What about at your desk? Well chances are you've got power at your desk so a backup battery isn't really a requirement. This really is for those who know they are going to be without power access at some point of the day (like the train) or heading out into the wilderness.

Writing by Stuart Miles.