(Pocket-lint) - There is nothing worse than getting to the airport to find that your bag is overweight and you've got to shed some pounds to make the cut. One gadget hopes to stop the problem of you showing the world your knickers by allowing you to easily weigh your bags before you leave home. Will it work? We get weighing to find out.

The Balanzza Ergo digital luggage scale is a simple device that allows you to digitally measure the weight of any bag or object up to 44kg in weight.

The idea is that you attach a clip to your bag, turn the device on and then lift it to see what it weighs. That's it.

The Balanzza can be switched from lbs to kg to suit old school and new age thinking and with the only other button a reset button there isn't much to it.

In our test the scales seemed spot on although we did notice a slight variation depending on how you hold your bag in the air - grams rather than kilos. You also have to hold the bag steady to get a lock on the reading.

The unit itself is sturdy, comfortable to hold with four indented finger grips either side of the handle which means you're able to get a good grip. The only issue we can see is that your GP might not like you picking up heavy objects in this way.


Simple and easy to use, if you really are that worried about the weight of your bag for the airport or all those parcels you have to send out then this might just be the solution you are looking for.

And at $15 or around £10 it won't hurt too much if you find that it ends up covered in dust in the cupboard, however you do have to ask, do you really need to weigh you bags that much?

Writing by Stuart Miles.