(Pocket-lint) - So you've got two iPods but only one power socket. What's a gadget fan to do? Well according to Griffin, buy the PowerDock 2. So should you? We draw sabres and kick into the gallop to find out.

There isn't much to say about the PowerDock, it's just one of those devices that does exactly what it says it does: charge two iPods at the same time from one power source.

In the box you get a power cable with various country tips on it, the silver docking station that takes two iPods (there is a four dock version as well priced at £44.99) and a plethora of cradles to fit all manner of iPods from years gone by.

Charging your iPod(s) is as simple as dumping it in the dock and waiting for them to charge. With zero indication on the unit itself you do have to look at the iPod itself to see how much longer you need to charge for, but it's not biggie.

What would we have liked to have seen? Two things really, for us the device is missing any form of connectivity. While we understand this is probably designed to be sat on a sideboard (do people still have those?) the option of connecting the docking station to your PC or Mac so you could manage your music collection via iTunes would have been a nice touch. Additionally an AUX out to connect it to a speaker system would have been welcomed too.


Simple and to the point, the PowerDock 2 offers users the chance to charge two iPods (including the iPhone) at the same time in a compact unit saving you from a bundle of cables dangling about.

As it does nothing else other than the task in hand you have to ask if it is really worth the bother. If however you're a two iPod family then for neatness it probably is.

One for DINKs, or those with an army of ‘Podded teenagers.

Writing by Stuart Miles.