(Pocket-lint) - Can I get a rewind? Yep that's right - if you're planning on looking like Craig David complete with that thin line beard, then Remington believes it has the answer with the High Precision PG400 7in1 Grooming Kit, but does it Kes? Oh yes, we get styling to find out.

The PG400 offers seven different grooming heads that all connect to a single shaver unit. The shaver unit is basic. Made from plastic designed to look like metal, you get one button to turn it one and off and that's it. The heads which all sport nanosilver and titanium coated blades can be taken on and off via a locking system at the top of the device (all very easy and secure) and in the box you get a wide trimmer, fine trimmer, narrow trimmer, miniscreen shave, and two combs to vary the length of your cut if you need.

For the more astute reading this you'll realise that the above list only comes to six. The seventh option in the 7 in 1 title is in fact the charging/docking station that not only lets you store all the above on a clear tray, but also allows you to charge the shaver at the same time. Also helpful is that the unit comes with a standard plug rather than a shaver plug only for the bathroom.

In use and the "system" will get the job done for most styles that you want. The combs offer 3, 6, 9, and 12mm cut lengths, while the trimmers are narrow enough - the fine trimmer is about 5mm wide - to give you control over styling to a micro detail on your face. Bo selecta.


So what's it like in use? Well as you might expect, it cuts, and cuts well, but be warned this high precision stuff takes time, especially if you have wispy hair as I have.

However at £30 (we've seen it online for under £14) this is one way to get that Craig David look on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We personally aren't up for that, but if you are, this might just be the thing you are looking for.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.