(Pocket-lint) - Wilkinson Sword have long been associated with quality blades, but are mostly known these days for their razors. With the Quattro Titanium Precision, we see the coming together of the humble safety razor and the beard trimmer. But is this fusion worth getting excited about?

The Wilkinson Sword Quattro Precision system is based around the company’s four-bladed razor head. The titanium name enters the fray as the blades are titanium coated, which Wilkinson Sword claim keep the blades sharp.

On the back of the main shaving head you’ll find the precision blade – a single titanium coated blade that is designed to trim those areas that you can’t accurately shave with the four-bladed face. Examples are for a straight sideburn cut or under the nose, although you may find that you cope perfectly well with the normal blades in these areas.

The body of the razor is rather thick to accommodate the AAA battery that powers the other major feature of the razor - the integrated beard trimmer on the other end. The body of the razor is coated in ribbed rubber for a firm grip when shaving in the shower and we found that it was comfortable to hold in the hand with both wet and dry hands.

The beard trimmer features a adjustable length guide which has three stops on it to get the look you want, whilst you can whip the guide off and use it naked it you wish to cut through some of that hair. The simple on/off button powers the trimmer which works well, although it is narrow, so you might find it takes some time to do all that trimming compared to the beard trimmer on a regular electric shaver.

If you have used Wilkinson Sword razors before then you’ll know how close this shaver cuts as nothing has changed from their core offering. We’ve always found that the Quattro is a little harsh and you do need to be careful to avoid razor rash. There is a lubricating strip and for the first shave you might find this leaves you covered in goo. It will also fade in colour to remind you to change to blade.

The ability to use this razor in the shower is a bonus over some electric razors, although we have a sneaking suspicion that for many the beard trimmer will become a public hair trimmer, without having to fork out for an electric razor. Equally it may appear to the ladies for the same reason...


There is little to complain about with the Quattro Titanium Precision. It is a little on the pricey side, but having a beard trimmer is a real bonus. You don’t get any spare blades in the pack, so you’ll need to buy those from the off, but you do get the battery for the trimmer included. With a retail price of £7.99 (although it is appearing in a major high street chain for £3.99) you need to factor in the costs of the replacement blades (anywhere between £2.50 and £5.00).

The Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision’s biggest sell is that is packs the convenience of a beard trimmer in with the satisfaction of a wet shave.

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Writing by Chris Hall.