(Pocket-lint) - If you have a micro memory card in your mobile phone then you’re likely to have a memory card reader attached to your PC at home. However, when you’re out and about it can often be tricky to share files with your others.

The obvious way is to use Bluetooth but this isn’t always possible, or quick, so this kit, which comprises an 8GB card and a tiny USB card reader that is so small it can be attached to your phone as an ornament, is a great alternative.

The reader is a typical USB card reader, so you can put it in to any available USB slot and it will be instantly recognised and an icon placed in the My Computer folder.

Getting the card in the reader can be fiddly, as they are both small and you can see the connector in the card, which can easily attract dust.

Standard Secure Digital memory cards are limited to 2GB in size, so in order to be able to use this your PC needs to support SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity), otherwise it appears as a dead drive. So, it’s worth checking your hardware is compatible before investing in the card.

With 8GB of storage, it’s a great size for the asking price, as you’ll be able to store plenty of photos and messages. When it comes to speed, we found that it could write our standard 1GB mixed file test in 98 seconds, which isn’t the fastest we’ve seem from a memory card but it’s fast enough for sharing with your phone.


If you regularly share files between your phone and your PC, the SanDisk microSDHC with MobileMate Micro Reader is a great device that is far easier than adding Bluetooth to your system.

Writing by Mike Browne.