(Pocket-lint) - MP3 player capacities are on the increase and as a result we're listening to them for longer than ever before, which makes having a charger with you at all times an essential purchase.

Designed with the Apple iPod in mind, you'll find the GEAR4 WorldTour pack is aimed at those who travel a good deal, so need to charge their player in a variety of different countries.

Available in white or black to match the iPod of your choice, it has a simple but elegant look, so won't look out of place in your kit bag.

With this in mind, the pack consists of a main charging unit, a selection of plug adapters covering the UK, mainland Europe and the States, as well as two USB power adapters. The first is a standard-mini-USB, while the second is a typical iPod charge cable.

GEAR4 claims this charger is four times more powerful than any other iPod charger on the market. Putting it to the test, we found it was able to charge our test unit quickly enough.

It's not just your iPod the WorldTour can charge, as it also comes with a second USB charge port. So, if your mobile phone, PDA or digital camera can be charged using USB, this definitely makes it a space saving device.


With the iPod being the most popular MP3 brand in the world, this gadget makes perfect sense. The addition of a second USB port only adds to the value. So, if you travel abroad frequently and want to charge your gadgets when away, this is the device you need to make your life simpler.

Writing by Mike Browne.