(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever put your hand under a hot tap by mistake, only to be scolded you'll know it hurts. That's the thinking behind the Glow Flow tap, but do you really need one? We get washing our hands to find out.

This little gizmo fits onto your mixer tap and has an internal switch that lights up a set of LEDs when you turn on your tap transforming the stream of water into a waterfall of light.

Rather than just an aesthetic effect, there's a temperature sensor within the unit that can tell whether the water is cold or hot (32 degrees C), and changes the colour of the light accordingly.

Fitting is easy, it's just a case of screwing on the device to your tap fitting, and therefore doesn't need a costly plumber involved.

There are three different sized fittings included in the box to fit most taps and the whole job took us, without a spanner we must add, about 2 minutes.

What's the catch? Well the Glow Flow nozzle is quite long and it is something to bear in mind when attaching it to your tap as it may interfere with access to the sink. Plus, while the main nozzle is silver, the fitting that attaches it to the tap is white perhaps grating with your no-doubt expensive tap design.


At £14.99 the Glow Flow (or Faucet Light as it's called in the US) is a bit of fun that will stop you from getting scolded by your tap.

If you define gadgets by whether you really need them to improve your life, then this is a gadget in the truest sense, but still, the kids will love it.

This product was kindly loaned to us from iWOOT.com

Writing by Stuart Miles.