(Pocket-lint) - The iFrogz Audiowrapz is an iPod nano case with a difference. It comes with three integrated speakers, but can it offer you music to share on the go? We get listening to find out.

The premise is simple. The new stubby nano slides into a silicon rubber casing with a hardback plate; inside the case are three integrated speakers that connect to the nano via its headphone port.

Once connected you then get to share you music without earphones.

Those not wanting to share the music can disable the speakers without having to take it out of the case by plugging in a set of headphones via the headphone jack at the bottom of the case.

The speakers get their power from the nano and we found that battery life, surprisingly, wasn't sucked out of the iPod like a vampire at your neck. Instead, while admittedly it does make a difference to the overall performance, it wasn't too bad.

As for performance we were impressed considering the price and the fact that it's an iPod case with speakers rather than a fully blown iPod speaker system.

You shouldn't be under any impression this is going to be the life and soul of the party though, but it will be enough to play at a picnic or in a hotel room to yourself.


The iFrogz Audiowrapz 3g nano case with built-in speaker is a stop gap for those looking for something louder than a pair of headphones.

The catch is that it makes the third generation nano the size of the second generation device and with mobile phones coming with more storage and better speakers you have to question whether the $25 is really worth the investment.

That said, at least this will let the kids on the back of the bus annoy you with slightly better sounding music than just loud noise coming from a pair of headphones.

Writing by Stuart Miles.