With more gadgets in the car, powering them is starting to become an issue. One device however believes it has the answer, but does it? We get charging to find out.

The Power Extras USB Car Charger And Adapter is exactly what it sounds like it is. A dongle that plugs into your cigarette lighter splitting your lighter into two sockets so you can power a mobile phone and your satnav device, for example.

However rather than be happy with just that, the unit also squeezes two USB sockets on the side so you can charge anything that can be charged via USB, like your phone, a digital camera or anything else.

The simple device also features a rudimentary on off switch, but it's enough to do the job and saves you unplugging the device every time you don't want to do use it.

In-use and it is simple and straightforward with us being able to power four devices at once - a satnav, the Pure Highway, a mobile phone and a digital camera.


Sometimes simple and straightforward is the best policy, and here the Power Extras USB Car Charger And Adapter doesn't complicate things, but just gets them done.

If you find yourself constantly looking to swap out your satnav charger the moment it has got enough juice to run of its own accord, this is the gadget to save you the bother.

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