(Pocket-lint) - Using an iPod FM tuner in your car has been legal since 2006 and there are a variety of makes on the market but this latest version from Kensington is a little more stylish than most. It allows you to use a black radio frequency to broadcast the music from your iPod in your car.

The design is simple: it has a cigarette lighter socket at one end, which is also used for powering the device as well as charging your iPod and at the other end is a small transmitter. This part plugs into the charge port of your iPod. It works with a wide range of iPods and even the iPhone.

There is a monochrome LCD display that fills the front of the device and this being the Deluxe version will give you a full readout of the song selected, if you have a RDS–enabled car stereo, that is.

The controls are simple to get to grips with, as along side the on/off button there is a QuickSeek tuner

With three presets channels for you to save details of your iPod, once you've set it up you won't need to do so again. This is something of a blessing as while the theory is all straightforward, it took close to 15 minutes to tune the player in and get a response.

The sound quality is a little mixed and you'll need to turn up the volume to get the best results.


The Kensington LiquidFm Deluxe for iPod can be tricky to set up but if you need to have your iTunes music playing at all times then its as versatile as an other unit out there and better looking than most.

Writing by Mike Browne.