No matter how good notebook power management gets you can always use a longer battery life, especially when working on the move. This handy device from Targus won't extend your battery but it'll help getting a recharge easier.

Roughly twice the size of a standard power brick, it's an electricity converter. Weighing 425g, it's not the lightest of peripherals but it's one of the smallest power converters we've seen so far. With a cigarette lighter adapter for charging your notebook when in a car and a special adapter for use on planes, which you have to attach, it'll support up to 150 watts without too much trouble.

Frequent travellers can use it as their main power brick, which should help cut down on even more baggage. To make it a little more versatile, there is a USB port and a number of peripheral adapters, so you can charge everything from your smartphone to MP3 player and portable DVD player.

If you're worried about power spikes destroying your kit, the adapter comes with a surge protector built-in, which certainly limits the risk of damage when using out and about.


If you’re a frequent traveller and hate the idea of your notebook, or your other gadgets, running out of power while using them on the move, the Targus Car/plane Power Inverter is a great example.