If you own a notebook then it’s likely that you’ve considered investing in a carry case. Crumpler has made a name for itself as the most flamboyant of companies, they call their rubber laptop sleeve The Gimp, after all. So we were actually surprised to find that The Dark Side not only has a more sombre name, as well as quite a conservative – for Crumpler – design. The colour choice is muted, with dark grey or oatmeal being the main choices.

The first thing you notice is how big it is. Made with 17-inch notebooks, as well as all your extras, in mind, this isn’t a casual everyday bag. There is plenty of padding on the back and the straps are big and secure. The bag itself is made from the same tough fabric as all Crumpler bags, with a reassuringly robust zip and the stitching impressively solid. This bag is so durable it will easily stand you in good stead for years to come. What’s more, it may be big but the bag falls within BAA's hand luggage restrictions, so can be taken on a plane with you.


For the daily commute The Dark Side is far too big and will soon prove a burden. However, if you regularly have to carry a lot of stuff around with your notebook, then it makes a great deal of sense.

It’s tough as old boots and while not the cheapest bag out there, delivers on quality and style.