Klikk is yet another approach to the traditional camera tripod, but does it work? We take a closer look.

Made from the same material as Lego (ABS) the Klikk is a simple bit of plastic that attaches to your camera to give you a steady shot.

At only 12mm thick, the plastic device, which is available in black or red, is thin enough to fit in a jacket pocket and its makers even suggest that you can use it to protect your camera's LCD screen.

The main focus, in fact the only bit that makes it more than just a bit of plastic, is a sliding track and screw which gives you the possibility of gaining up to 85cm up or down at a distance of 3 meters from the subject in one direction.

There are two sizes in the box geared towards different camera tripod mounts. The smaller of the two comes with a central sliding track for cameras with a central tripod mount and a larger size comes with a lateral sliding track for cameras with a lateral tripod mount.


In use and the Klikk is surprisingly easy to use and the simple uncomplicated design is also surprisingly effective.

However unlike tripod alternatives like the Gorillapod you will need a flat even surface to set this up and you can't tilt in multiple directions - only one.

It might win the height and size argument against a traditional tripod, but with a footprint measuring the size of a digital camera it won't be suitable in all situations.

Still at £10 you can't really go wrong and it certainly gives you more control over your images than those bean bag offerings if you are looking to steady your images.

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