(Pocket-lint) - Green, there's a buzzword if ever we've seen one. Well if you want to jump on the so called "Green" bandwagon and save the planet, then the Standby buster is the way to do it. If fact, scratch that, if you are lazy it's also the way to do it.

Why? Well because you plug the Standby buster from Ivy Energy Saving into your regular plug socket (UK of course) and then plug your device into it. Once connected the energy-saving electrical socket allows you to control it via remote control, meaning you can switch it on and off without getting up out of your sofa. It's as simple as that.

The "Greenies" amongst you will cry halleluiah because you can now turn off that energy sucking, planet killing television rather than just leaving it on standby all the time, while the "Lazies" will see the true benefit is that with your house now controlled by remote you won't actually have to get off the sofa or dig around behind the TV to turn stuff off.

Anything can be added to the system as long as its got a plug and the rather lurid green remote control comes with the ability to set up to four different zones around the house be it a lamp or television.

Helpfully Standby Buster uses Radio Frequency (RF) rather than Infra-Red (IR) to switch appliances on and off, so it is not impaired by objects in its way.


In practice in our office we love it. The Standby Buster is easy to install, easy to use, and means you can control all your gadgets around your house or office at the push of a button.

In fact our only complaint is that lurid green remote. Still you've got to show your credentials somehow.

Writing by Stuart Miles.