(Pocket-lint) - The Light bar light is a cordless, ultra bright LED bar that according to its makers Black & Decker is "ideal for use when working on the car, outdoors, or in the home". But is it? We test out to see whether this really will let you see in the dark.

Looking more like a lightsabre than your average torch or lantern the Light Bar is a tall torch that stands some 15-inches tall. It's not all light mind you, but 7-inch bulb area is certainly the lion's share of the device.

Packed into that light area are 26 LED lights that produce 1300 lux at full strength and if this is a tad bright for your requirements you can opt to cut this in half with a flick of a switch.

Aimed at the car mechanic, camper or anyone who wants to light up an area rather than a focal point as you would with a torch the Light Bar is also fitted with a swivel hanging hook which can attach easily to car bonnets, branches or tent roofs lighting up hard to reach places.

Playing the tough card, the torch also claims to be break resistant thanks to its polycarbonate housing.

In our tests (thrashing it violently against a tree) we would have to whole heartily agree with the statement from B&D. It's one tough cookie.

When it comes to longevity of battery, the rechargeable battery means you aren't having to search around for 15 D-Cells and we got around 3 hours off one full charge with it on full beam.

The battery isn't replaceable, however Black & Decker are promising that you will get over 10,000 hours (that's 1.14 years) of use guaranteed.


At £30 this is one tough and powerful torch that is sure to light up your life.

Plus, and here is the best bit, its long enough and bright enough to live out those Star Wars fantasies that you know you have.

Writing by Stuart Miles.