(Pocket-lint) - In October last year we tested and loved the eMats Viscoform 1200 memory foam mattress. This year eMats has launched a new design; the Viscoform 2500 memory foam mattress, which promises to be even more comfortable than previous versions. So, will it give you a good night's sleep? We take a nap to find out.

The Viscoform 2500 is the new flagship model in the eMats range. An extra 50mm thicker than our last test candidate, the King size weighs in at a hefty 30kg. This extra weight and size is from the addition of a further 2 layers of foam, bringing the total number to 4.

Just like our last test candidate, this one is supplied with an excellent quality, removable cover. However, this time it’s in velour. In fact, we prefer this one as it feels softer and of a higher quality.

Removal of the cover will reveal a far more complex core; the top layer is a thin, ultra-soft memory foam layer which rests on a layer of regular memory foam, while below these are the supporting and ventilating layers of high resilient foam.

The first night on the Viscoform 2500 was a pleasant affair, it feels very soft but this is the nature of memory foam. According to eMats, it must be soft in order to carry out its job of supporting the extremeties of your body by allowing you to sink a small way into its surface. Needless to say, I had a sound night’s sleep and I’ll look forward to many more if I’m allowed to keep the mattress.


The Viscoform New Generation 2500 won't be everyone's cup of tea, especially those who are used to springs in their mattress, but it will certainly give you a comfortable night's sleep.

Writing by Stuart Miles.