(Pocket-lint) - Until you get around to buying a car with an "Aux In" on the radio, getting your music off your iPod involves you have to invest in an FM transmitter. Doro, a Swedish manufacturer that is trying to break into the UK market, thinks it has the answer with its FM transmitter, but does it?

Called the RadioStreamer FM transmitter FMT300 to give it its full name, the small black device comes complete with battery compartment and cigarette lighter charger for in car use. With only three buttons; on/off, scan up and scan down, using the unit isn't hard and it allows you to set the transmitting signal anywhere between 87.5 and 107.9 on the FM band. Once you've found your signal you can preset it and you can have up to six presets in total.

All that is left is to do is to connect the RadioStreamer to your MP3 player and this is done via a 3.5mm jack meaning it will work with any MP3 player, portable CD player or cassette player on the market with a headphones jack.

In use and it’s the usual problem: signal strength. Surprisingly not that strong compared to other FM transmitters we've tested even in a static position, you'll have to make sure that you can place the device as close to the aerial of the radio you are streaming to and make sure you choose a channel that isn't being used by a commercial radio station in the area (hence the six presets). We found this to be a bigger problem in London for example over the Wiltshire countryside due to the amount of stations available.


Doro has started its march on the UK with a simple device that is hard to mess up.

The built quality is good and the addition of a car charger is welcomed, however there is nothing here that makes this stand out from all the other FM transmitters that have flooded the market since they became legal in December 2006.

Good, just don't expect it to blow you away.

Writing by Stuart Miles.