(Pocket-lint) - So you've got an iPod video and want to watch your films, music videos, TV shows and of course Megawhat.tv on your television when you're bored in a hotel room at a conference?

Rather than dragging an Arcam docking station with you or maybe even the AppleTV, SendStation is hoping that you'll opt for its PocketDock AV offering.

Coming in two parts, the system is a dongle that plugs into your docking socket on the base of your iPod and a cable that features USB, audio, composite and S-Video connectors - all in one single 115cm long cable to your TV, computer or Hi-Fi.

Before you panic about yet another cable in your back, there is a Velcro cable strap included to keep it all tidy.

Owners of an old 15-inch or 17-inch PowerBook can also use the cable to plug directly into the built-in 7-pin video connector and output your screen content to a TV, although through a lack of cable you won't be able to stretch across to the line-out jack on the other side of the keyboard. Still, as SendStation suggests it does mean you can watch a DVD in your hotel room.


If you're looking to get your content from your iPod to your TV, computer or Hi-Fi, but want something that is still very portable, then the PocketDock will certainly fit the bill. And at £25 it isn't going to break the bank either.

Writing by Stuart Miles.