SendStation make lots of little gadgets and gizmos for the iPod, but one of the most individualistic would have to be the SendStation PocketDock. Why? Well it is such a niche market that once you work out what it does you are either going to clap your hands and say it’s the most useful ingenious product you've ever seen or, scratch your head wondering why you would want to spend £13.50 on it.

Got you curious? Well basically it’s a add-on for the iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano that lets you connect the iPod’s docking port to a standard USB or 6-pin FireWire cable.

According to SendStation it's ideal for when you are on the road with your iPod but didn't bring the standard USB cable in the box.

However, with this device you can utilise any standard USB cable like a printer instead.

Failing that, if you're really lucky and can find a FireWire then you can charge your iPod's battery from any powered port.

See what we mean?


Why the company thinks that if you're clumsy enough to forget the USB cable, you might remember this, is beyond us, but we are sure, as we said at the beginning of the review, that someone will think this is ingenious.

A strange add-on, we think that SendStation are missing a trick here. What we would have really liked, is the ability to plug in the same USB cable that comes with most digital cameras.

Now that would have really saved space in the bag.

SendStation PocketDock Combo for iPod deals

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