(Pocket-lint) - Jeans are great aren’t they? Staple of your wardrobe, but they carry one major flaw; get them wet and they are a bugger to deal with.

So what's the solution? Waterproof them with Gore-Tex of course. That's exactly what Burton, the snowboarding firm, has done. But is it the idea of the century or something that will find itself in the charity shop? We get wet to find out.

Designed for boarders who want to wear jeans on the slopes, judging from the reaction from most people, they are going to be the must have piece of kit next season.

On the surface they look like any pair of regular jeans. It's not until you look a little closer that you can start to see differences.

While the material looks likes denim, to touch it's like it's been covered in Gore-Tex and when we wore them out and about, Mrs Pocket-lint commented that they had that "Swish-swish" sound to them.

Other telltale signs are that they've got much needed vents on the side of the legs and snowcuffs at the bottom to stop snow coming up your leg.

So the big test - how waterproof are they? Well they certainly with stood all the water we could throw at them that's for sure.

We tested them first with a cup of water, then a jug of water, then using a Water Blaster. The result? Still dry underneath. It seemed there was only one thing for it. We jumped into a swimming pool. Needless to say it didn’t repell that much water.


We aren't sure we would wear them out or down the pub (although they did come in handy in the rain when walking the dog) but on the slope they are going to be great.

These waterproof jeans give you that denim look, but without the hassle of a wet bum in the process.

As for the denim hooded jacket, we aren't so sure the style is really in, unless of course you are trying to be a rapper from the 80s, now where's that bodywarmer?

So why not top marks? Well this coolness is going to cost you: £360 for the pants, £450 for the jacket - ouch.

Writing by Stuart Miles.