So the weather is hopefully going to get warmer and as the end of the school term approaches that can mean only one thing - time for water fights.

Wading into the offering this year is the Water Blaster, a mini water cannon that promises to fire a jet of water 30ft from its pump action movement.

In practice we aren't so sure, but it's still great fun and certainly powerful enough to get you soaked if you take a direct hit (trust us, we know).

Available in two sizes a mini or an XL version the principle is that you submerge the end of the barrel into a clean water source like a swimming pool or large bucket of water, you then draw back on the handle filling the tube as you do so.

Working like a trombone when it comes to firing you can either go for a single action all out pump, or opt as the back of the packaging suggests for a semi-automatic / pump approach which gives you around 3 to 4 mini squirts before you've got to fill up again.


The water blaster is a simple affair, but then one that can provide lots of fun as long as you've got a bucket of water / swimming pool / sea to fill it up again, if you have then you are sure to have plenty of fun this summer. We know we are.