(Pocket-lint) - If you're reading this, you're probably like most drivers, got a couple of points on their licence, not because you are a bad driver (of course), but because at some point a speed camera has snapped you.

To stop this happening there are two options. Option A, is to get a GPS device with built-in speed camera alerts. Option B, is to get the RoadPilot microGO, but can this little device do the job? We go speeding to fine out.

Small and compact, the idea is that like a GPS device, you sucker this to your windscreen and then when a speed camera that's listed in the unit's database comes up, it beeps and flashes - warning you of the impending camera.

In practice driving around the UK, the device does just that and works a treat detecting every camera we drove past. Working straight out of the box, you'll get 6 months free database updates to start with and then you'll have to pay an additional £49.99 thereafter.

For those who don't want to have to worry about hitting the brakes every 5 minutes because of the beeps the unit has a Max Speed Alarm that activates when you exceed your personal speed limit and speed freaks will be pleased to see you can turn this off.

The mono display, although you can have the light different colours, displays speed limit, your speed and the camera type ahead. Powered by your cigarette lighter it's all in all a simple affair to get it set up, running and using it.


So what's the catch? Well at £149.95 you can get a full-blown GPS unit complete with maps, points of interest and no doubt a MP3 player and host of other features for less, download the same speed camera database and you've got a far superior package for not much more money.

When you think like that it makes the RoadPilot microGO look like an expensive and now almost redundant offering.

Writing by Stuart Miles.