(Pocket-lint) - With the summer almost upon us, its camping time, and Blacks have launched a series of tents with a built-in lighting system.

The days of digging around for your lost shoe in the dark are long gone - supposedly. We go away for the weekend to test it out.

The Blacks Crux Constellation II Tent, priced at £79.99, is a classic tent that was lightweight and easy to setup. While its not one of those throw in the air and 5 seconds later its ready to climb in, you won't need two men to build it.

The lighting system consists of twp LED lights rather than a series of lights as the Constellation name would suggest, and the etwo lights attach to the inner frame using Velcro.

While you could easy achieve the same with a lantern it means that you aren’t going to bash your head every time you come in and out. The lights are powered by AA batteries and because of the use of LED lights, we went the whole weekend without the need for a change of batteries - think bike lights.

Those worried about their fellow travellers smelly feet will be pleased to know the tent comes with a porch, which is securable.

According to Blacks the tent is also treated with HealthGuard, which increases wicking properties and prevents odours, bacteria and degradation, as well as inhibiting mosquitoes and other biting insects.

In our test we weren't anywhere where this was going to be an issue but we do know that by the end of the weekend it wasn't smelly.


The tent is a basic offering improved by the lighting system. It will certainly suffice for UK camping trips but those looking for a quick erect should look at other alternatives.

If you're more interested in the lighting system, Blacks do offer this as a separate solution costing £19.99 and they are certainly worth the investment regardless of what tent you have.

Writing by Stuart Miles.