(Pocket-lint) - "If you haven't grown a beard by the time you are 30, chances are you never will", so the saying goes.

So you like to keep trim, and Braun seems to want to help you with its latest shaver the CruZer3, but does it have what it takes to get you that glance from the ladies? We get shaving to find out.

In an attempt to cover all the bases, the CruZer3 takes its moniker from the fact that it offers three-in-one functionality; it’s an electric shaver, a sideburn trimmer and even a short beard attachment for those who fancy growing some "I've just come out of the jungle" stubble.

Small and compact - it's not going to take up much room in your washbag, the CruZer3 is easy to use, cordless and fully washable making it easy to clean.

According to Braun, the CruZer3 has a "multidirectional floating foil shaver head" that supposedly "reduces hair trapping, while adjusting perfectly to your facial contours" and in practice it was good although we did find that its not a one stoke cut as with a wet shave.

As for the sideburn trimmer, this is sure to do the job and it's similar to one that you would find on a regular hair trimmer.

The beard trimmer is ideal for those with Goatee's or a William T Richer beard (you know who you are) as it allows you to tidy your beard and define it without having to resort to yet another gadget in the bathroom. The beard trimmer itself offers 1.5mm to 6mm cut through four length settings and although difficult to get off, it easy to use.

Charging annoyingly can only be done by a shaver socket, so make sure you've got a shaver light in your bathroom and if like us it's above your mirror you might have issues with finding somewhere to put the charging cradle.

Charging itself takes no time at all and there is also a quick time feature, however with no power meter be careful not to run out of juice mid-shave - trust us when we say it bloody hurts.


Overall the Braun CruZer3 is a good little shaver, however probably best suited for the bearded among us looking for something to help keep things tidy rather than someone who likes to be clean shaven all the time.

However make sure you've always got enough juice to get you through your routine.

Writing by Stuart Miles.