Batteries are pretty boring but a necessity of our gadget-filled lives. While most gadgets have gone the way of the built-in rechargeable, some, especially kids toys, are still AA powered.

So in steps the USBCell from Moixa, a solution to the problem of forever having to buy new batteries, or if you have got rechargables, finding a power socket to charge them.

But how is this possible?!? Well lurking under the top of a humble looking AA battery lies a secret ... a USB dongle.

The idea, and it's one that works so pay attention, is that you plug in the battery into your USB socket. A couple of hours later (there is even a light to tell you how you're getting on) you've got a battery that promises 5 hours of charge to power your latest gadgets.

It's so simplistic yet effective that its that easy.


The USBCell is one of the gadgets that you can't spend much time talking about because it doesn't do much.

There is no multifaceted features, no convergence, no built-in storage, just the promise that for your £10.99 and a spare USB socket you'll get powered devices.

What's the catch? So far in our tests there doesn't seem to be one. The only thing we would say however is make sure you've got enough USB sockets free when you need to power them up.

Top Marks.

Moixa USBCell batteries deals

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