(Pocket-lint) - TomTom might have just announced its 4.3-inch widescreen satnav device last week, but it's not the first manufacturer to offer a widescreen approach. Medion has The GoPal PNA460, so should you save yourself over £70 with this offering, or have too many corners been cut.

The GoPal PNA465/4210 Navigation System with TMC main strengths are its screen size and its lack of size elsewhere making it easy to fit in a bag when you leave the car.

It might only have a depth of just 20mm and weighing 200g but the only drawback is that we found that thanks to that large screen is just a little too big to fit in an inside suit pocket. That said, it will go in Mrs Pocket-lint's handbag with ease.

UK and Ireland maps are provided on an included 256MB MMC card and they've been provided by Navteq making them fairly easy to understand and use.

As you might expect there is a 2D and 3D mode and nice features include a breakdown of which lane you are supposed to be in on the motorway when a difficult junction comes up. It's a great little touch and one that helps on the M25, especially when finding yourself in the wrong lane can be disasterous.

Other features include speed limit audio warnings telling you that you're breaking the law and a large point of interest catalogue that features the usual range of hotels, restaurants and petrol stations, including info from the Berlitz travel guides.

With buttons kept to a minimum, there isn't annoyingly even a volume button, interaction with the GoPal PNA465/4210 Navigation System with TMC is all through that large touchscreen. The larger screen does allow for larger buttons and it’s a great help for those with fat fingers.

As the name suggests Medion has included Real Time Traffic support so you can miss those jams however unlike other manufacturers you are still expected to have an FM cable trailing all over your dashboard.


Although we have to say we still prefer the interface of TomTom or Navman over the Medion we were impressed with what you get for your money.

The device is easy to use, you get full postcode support and you can even, if you so wish, view your holiday snaps on the unit as well.

Good stuff.

Writing by Stuart Miles.