(Pocket-lint) - Perhaps not the most famous name in the UK when it comes to digital radio, DAB Digital radio maker Nevada has launched the Sinfonie in the UK. We check it out.

The Nevada Sinfonie is a small box with a single speaker at the front and fans of the Tivoli iPal FM radio range will automatically like the design, however rather than a giant dial that allows you to tune in to the relevant stations, users are presented with an array of buttons that offer shortcuts to a number of different features.

Those buttons offer everything from selecting stations, something that with DAB can be done with the press of a button as well as getting information about the station displayed on the radios two-line text display.

Center stage to all this is a oversized volume control, which surprisingly isn't as well-built as the rest of the radio - it wobbled on use.

When it comes to performance, we were very impressed with the radio. Using the DAB tuner we were presented plenty of stations and switching between them is very easy thanks to the up and down station buttons.

That single speaker isn't going to blast you with sound like your home entertainment system, however for the kitchen or pottering around the house or garden the quality is ample.


At around £60 this battery powered (charger is also included) radio is a great starting point for anyone looking to enjoy the extra channels DAB brings.

We were impressed by the performance and ease of use. For those with an MP3 player, there is also an AUX in for connecting it at the back.

Writing by Stuart Miles.