(Pocket-lint) - Man buys iPod, man scratches iPod screen, man cries. It's the usual story if you don't invest in a case, but with so many to choose from which one is best.

Griffin thinks it has the answer with the Centerstage for iPod case, that according to the box lets you "Carry your iPod in style".

Why is this different then from every other iPod case ever released?

Well Griffin has added an anodized aluminium flip-cover (available in a selection of colours) that allows you to flip it out and make a stand for your iPod so you can perch it on your desk.

It’s a great idea and is ideal for watching videos, viewing images or just letting you quickly see what music is playing if it isn't in a dock.

The downside however is that we found it really difficult to fold out as it doesn't have any handles. The only way we could, was to get a finger nail (borrowed of course) under the aluminium while pressing down on the click wheel (something that can't be good).

Get past this problem and the rest of the case is very protective. Coming in two parts you get two backs so you can fit it to either the 30GB, 60GB or 80GB video iPod and it's easy to take apart whenever you need to plug the iPod into a speaker dock.


It’s a case that does a very good job at protecting your iPod from getting scratched, however we found its main selling point - the aluminium flip out stand was hard to flip out.

For that reason it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Writing by Stuart Miles.