(Pocket-lint) - Since its first appearance, the iPod nano has been scratching its pretty little face up, so much so that the 2G version changed its design to make this less of a problem. The other characteristic of the nano, is its suitability to exercise, with its light weight making it easy to slip into a pocket. The JumpSuit from GEAR4 aims to address these issues.

The main crux of the JumpSuit is the silicon case. In this regard, there is little of distinction between this offering, and any of the other options on the market. The silicon case fits like a glove, providing protection for all sides of your nano, whilst allowing access to the Hold switch and dock connector and headphone socket on the bottom.

Where the JumpSuit is perhaps different is that it covers the clickwheel, which some don’t, providing an extra level of protection. That leaves the all-important screen, which is the one place you don’t want scratches. In the packet you’ll find a small hard plastic insert that will protect the screen for you, meaning all sides are covered.

Also in the box is the sports armband, which is increasingly the solution to carrying the nano when you go running, or down the gym. The armband comes in two parts, so if you are a svelte gym bunny, then just one part will probably do. If you have 38-inch “Pythons” like Hulk Hogan (or even just man-sized biceps) then you’ll need the extension. No explicit instructions are provided in the use of the strap, but you’ll soon figure out which end connects where.

The armband, in practise, is actually fairly comfortable and supports the lightweight nano with no problems. On prolonged runs, of course, you might find that the strap acts a bit like a tourniquet, meaning your arm starts throbbing as blood pools in the limb. Ideally, it is best worn over the sleeve of a t-shirt so that the silicon does not stick to your arm when you start sweating.


Overall, at a price of £14.99, you get a decent solution to protecting and using your iPod in a sporting environment. In the pack you get two covers, so you have an option of colours and along with the sports armband this represents something of a bargain. Plus, you can get it for the original or 2G nano.

We like it.

Writing by Chris Hall.