(Pocket-lint) - Using a laptop trackpad or nipple can be tough work sometimes. But then so can carrying a mouse in your bag with cables and the bulkiness that can bring too.

The solution? Well according to Newton Peripherals it’s the MoGo Mouse.

Rather than opt for a full sized mouse the size of a tennis ball or something equally weird, the compact mouse folds flat and can be stored in laptop's PC card slot to recharge when it's not in use.

The size, which as you can imagine is about the size of a business card means that when you're travelling your empty PC card slot can be used for something useful.

Connectivity to a PC or a Mac is via Bluetooth and the setup took us seconds rather than minutes.

Slotting it in your PC Card slot has another purpose - charging and it takes around about an hour to get a full charge.

In use and we were a tad concerned that using a completely flat mouse would be difficult and probably hearing our thought process, Newton Peripherals has included a kickstand that folds out to transform it into a portable mouse rather than a flat metallic card - doing so also turns it on.

Two indented finger pads on the Mouse provide a more comfortable feel similar to traditional desktop mice although there is no scroll wheel.


The MoGo Mouse from Newton Peripherals is as innovative as it is clever. It's simple to use, simple to install, works a treat, and will banish the thought of having yet more junk in your travel bag.

We only wish we had thought of it.

Top Marks.

Writing by Stuart Miles.