(Pocket-lint) - Keen to break your neck? Thought you were. Then you want the Powerisers Jumping Stilts.

You've probably seen the

YouTube videos

of guys running around leaping in the air, doing triple somersaults and back flips.

Well it’s the Powerisers that allow you to do it all.

Looking more like something that should be on the set of aliens rather than in your local park, the Powerisers, which are like supersized pogo sticks, work by enhancing your natural muscle strength and making it possible for you to jump (braveness beholding) pretty high - 6 feet high in fact.

After the initial interpretation, users strap on the strong plastic buckle straps for safety over their shoes and around their shins and then don the knee pads and helmet included in the box.

Out on the street and the promise is that you can make strides of up to 9 feet wide and run of speeds up to 20 miles an hour.

To be fair we have to say that we weren't that brave, and a bit like a 13-year-old at Roller Disco trying desperately to make an impression on a girl he fancies, we managed to make a complete a fool of ourselves out and about.

Of course if you haven't broken your neck within 10 minutes we're sure you get the hang of it, we did and eventually grow to love them.


This isn't for the faint hearted as you find yourself perched a further 2 to 3 feet above the ground of a device which as we've said is super springy.

That said if you are brave enough - i.e., looking for the next thing to challenge you after skateboarding or rollerblading, then the Powerisers, while a touch expensive, will bring a smile to your face, how long that face stays beautiful will depend on your balancing skills.

Sheer madness.

Writing by Stuart Miles.