(Pocket-lint) - Staring blankly at a 2-inch screen on your MP3 player or portable media player is so last century darling. You want a pair of goggles with two LCD screens to watch movie content with on the go - don't you?

Little-known company PDT has launched the Eye-Theatre, a personal multimedia viewer that will work with the iPod video or anything in fact with a video out socket so you can watch movies on trains, planes and automobiles.

Worn like glasses, the Eye-Theatre according to its makers "puts the viewer in an immersive audiovisual environment".

In reality, however they make you look like Geordie La Forge out of Star Trek The Next Generation.

The Eye-Theatre weighs 78g and looking like a supped up pair of Oakley Thumps complete with headphones that drop down from the glasses stems to plug into your ears.

PDT has managed to get the weight down by opting to supply a separate battery pack, which includes the volume controls. This slips in your pocket or bag with your source player out of sight.

The glasses feature two TFT LCD screens to display video resolution up to 320 x 240 while big or small-nosed people will be happy to hear there is a choice of nose-pieces to suit your face.

PDT say that the display offers a similar effect of watching a 50-inch screen viewed at 2.5m. PDT also state that "Because of the dual screen, your eyes focus at 2.5m, meaning there is no need to strain your eyes".

We set about watching a movie on our PSP and we have to admit that we didn’t get strained eyes, but it is no way near as easy or impressive as watching the movie on a 50-inch screen in your living room.

We also have to admit that we've never felt so self conscious sitting on the train. Even though we couldn't see clearly, due to the fact that we were wearing them, we know that people were sniggering at us.

What we also found, was that we were constantly worried that someone was about to nick our bag because we couldn't see a damn thing that was going on.


Just like motion-sensored controllers that where the fashion 5 years ago, it seems the latest gadget technology to be resurrected is the video goggles.

Almost 6 years ago, Olympus showed off the Eye-Trek, a wait for it, set of glasses with twin screens that promised to "put the viewer in an immersive audiovisual environment".

Six years on and the PDT's are virtually identical, however you have to ask where are the Eye-Treks now? Not in every home that's for sure. Olympus has even transferred them to its museum cabinet at their London offices realising that the technology deserves nothing more.

Just as you laughed and smirked when you first saw Geordie in Star Trek, people as we found out personally, will be doing the same to you.

Writing by Stuart Miles.