So you're about to head into that meeting to impress your boss, pitch for new business or basically make an impression and you suddenly realise that your 5 o'clock shadow has reared its ugly head at quarter past 11 in the morning.

What's a man to do? Well according to Braun, reach for his PocketGo 570 electric shaver of course.

The small shaver is around the size of a large mobile phone comes with a single foil shaver and even a long hair trimmer to tidy up those sideburns or god for bid a moustache.

Powered by two AA batteries that give you roughly 60 minutes of shaving time according to Braun, the unit is suitable for use in a bath or shower and capable of being used wet or dry.

Ideal for travelling due to its size, the unit has a flip around guard to protect the blade and this doubles up as a locking mechanism so you can't turn the device on mid travel and make everyone believe your carrying a bomb.


Performance wise, we were actually quiet impressed. We wouldn't recommend it for everyday use, but for the quick spruce here and there in moments of panic or last minute TV appearances, it certainly does the trick.

Stylish, easy and practical, it’s a steal at under £15, the only thing it's missing is the chance to power it via the mains.

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