(Pocket-lint) - Not content with music in the same room, music fans it seems want to share the love around the house. Of course there are plenty of ways to do it. Apple offer the Airport express while Sonos offer its all powerful Zone player system, however to up until now you've got to have at least £100 and more like £1000 to do this effectively.

In steps the Onno Transmita (that's Portuguese for transmitter rather than a typo - although why the company has called it this we aren't sure) that brings the world of wirelessly streaming music to those who want it at a very affordable price.

The simple device, which will set you back all of £35 comes in two small compact metal units. One is the transmitter, the other the receiver.

The system works by plugging on into your MP3 Player DAB radio, PC or anything else you can think of via a USB or 3.5mm headphones jack and the other to a speaker, be it a portable speaker system or your full blown home cinema one.

All that is left to do is to plug the two units into the wall and turn them on. The devices automatically connect and music starts streaming instantly. In fact as long as the "speakers" have a Line-in port and the player has a headphone socket you can use any combination that suits you.

The system uses a 2.4Ghz wireless signal to communication and what this means to you and me is that it has a range of around 50 meters making it ideal for the garden or large houses.


The catch of course is that you can't control the source signal in anyway using the device. So if you want to change the song you've got to get up and change it on the source signal (more expensive systems let you do it from the comfort of wherever you are sitting) however as a cheap and affordable way of getting music around your house it works a treat.

We especially like the fact that you can connect multiple receivers to the Transmita so you can fill your house with music.

It might be cheap and simple, but it gets the job done. We love it.

Writing by Stuart Miles.