Okay, so the heatwave that we are currently experiencing in the UK might be a one off for this summer, but that doesn't mean that when we pack our bags and head off on our holidays it's not going to be sunny.

It's a fact that too many UV (Ultra Violet) rays are bad for you. So this little portable handy gadget from Oregon Scientific should come in handy next time you are heading down to the beach.

The small rugged, and bright yellow, unit displays the current UV level, and then depending on the information you've inputted about your skin type and sun block you are wearing will tell you how long its safe to stay out in the sun for.

It takes around 4 seconds to calculate the strength of the UV rating and another quick press of the button sets the timer going to alert you when you're about to get fried.

Easy to use and clear to read, thanks to the very large screen, the unit also tells you the current temperature, time - so you can leave your watch behind - as well as doubling as a stopwatch.


Simple and easy to use, this is a must have for families with kids heading to the beach or spending time with the kids this summer. And at £25 its not going to cost the earth either.