(Pocket-lint) - Having created the Cyclaire bicycle pump, the company behind the innovative pump that sees you pulling air rather than pushing it, has moved on to bigger and better things, mainly the creation of a pump that will allow you to blow up anything else in the house.

The Cyclaire Inflator has been created for anything bigger than a bicycle tyre or football and mainly for the inflatable mattress owner or those looking to inflate the kid's beach ball this summer.

Coming in a robust box roughly the size of a shoe, the unit has a ribbed footplate to stand so you get a decent enough pull from the pump.

That pull works in a similar way to a petrol lawnmower or outboard motor and according to the makers allows you to move up to a massive 560 litres of air per minute, much more than any other manual inflator and more than most electric pumps.

In practice this means that you can blow up an inflatable double bed in no time at all (depending on your own fitness of course) and you can even use the Cyclaire Inflator to deflate stuff as well to speed up packing away.

Included in the box, are a number of different nozzles and a hose to make it suitable for a range of different devices however we would advice buying a separate bag to put them in. Cyclaire has designed space for them on the Inflator itself, however with them on show, we expect them to get lost fairly quickly.

The pump also comes with a sand filter to give you extra protection if you are pumping on the beach.

The only grumble we had was the noise.


The Cyclaire Inflator certainly gets the job done and if you are camping will enable you to pump stuff up without the need to worry about a power source for a motorised pump.

Better still at £9.99 (£8.99 without the sand filter) it's cheap too.

Writing by Stuart Miles.