(Pocket-lint) - If you have teeth, and you probably do, then keeping them clean should be high up on your list of priorities.

Oral-B has been a player in the electric toothbrush market for some time and has a long history of success in this area, from the professional to the home user of "oral care" products. I use the term "oral" hesitantly, as the sexual connotations are right in your ... er ... face.

The electric toothbrush market is obviously changing, with more "budget" models entering the scene, starting from around £5. When I bought my first 'leccy brush, it was £45, and that was the cheapest I could find, also an Oral-B. As far as I can tell, the Vitality is just as good if not better, and only £13. The offer of half price seems to be everywhere, so go out and buy it whilst you can.

Ok, in the box you get the toothbrush (with changable heads) and the charger. The charger is the one item with which I have a gripe. It has a "razor" plug on it, so it is safe to charge in the bathroom if you have a razor socket. However if you don't you'll need to charge it elsewhere with an adapter.

The only problem is that the cable on the charger is only about 40cm long, so you can't plug it in at floor level and put it on a shelf. More often than not, it will be sitting on the floor. Next to the cat. Anyway, those with modern bathrooms won't have this problem.

Cleaning performance is incredible. I'm not joking. If you are a manual brusher, you instantly feel the smoothness of the teeth, right down to the gums and right to the back. It feels really good. The brush is tested to ensure it does clean better than a manual brush, and it certainly does with 7600 oscillating movements a minute.

The Vitality comes in a number of guises, and colours. The different heads purport to do different jobs, but you can fit any of the replacement heads to any of the bodies, so if you want to change from the Dual Clean to the ProWhite, you can do so.

The toothbrush also has a comfortable rubberised body which feels solid and provides effortless control.


If oral hygiene is not your strong point then buy the Vitality today whilst the special offer is still raging. It will improve your brushing, it will make your gums healthier and help prevent bad breath.

Sometimes you see teeth screaming out for a good clean, and this really is a good way to do it. There are other brushes on the market for much more money, and I really can't see how they will clean any better.

First class hardcore indulgence of the oral variety - an orgasmic cleaning experience.

Writing by Chris Hall.