If you are in to exercising, then you'll know how important it is to get good hydration so you don't basically pass out on the run, bike or whatever you are doing.

In steps the extremely well made Camelbak HydroBak, a 1.5 litre hydration pack available in three colours so you can carry your water supply on your back.

The small compact unit that has designed to be specifically used when cycling, comes with Camelbak's standard Bite Valve that doesn't leak and a design that means it won't get caught on the back of your helmet.

The water pouch is accessed via a separate pocket at the back that is sealed closed by a bit of Velcro and it's easy to get the water pouch in and out when it comes to cleaning or filling.

The front offers a tiny zip sealed pocket to store keys, and just like any fast sports car with zero storage, you aren't expected to get much else in the pocket. In fact when the pouch is full of water you can get even less in the pocket.


Camelbak's hydration unit does what it sets out to do; offer you water on the go in a compact package that won't get in the way. The trouble is, is that is all it does.

If, however, you are looking for a bag that will offer you water whilst you exercise as well space to store more than just your keys, then this certainly isn't it.

One for the dedicated exerciser rather than the casual biker hoping to fit in a packed lunch, or at the very least a chocolate bar.

Camelbak HydroBak hydration pack deals

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