(Pocket-lint) - Measuring your baby’s temperature is something that you have to do often. Understandably the quicker you can do this the less hassle there is for you.

In steps the Braun ThermoScan, an in-ear thermometer that allows you to record your baby’s temperature - or even your own at the press of a button. The days of relying on mercury in your mouth are long gone.

In-use the ThermoScan is incredibly simplye. Turn it on, shove it in your (replace with whoever’s temperature you are recording) ear and 3 seconds later you are given the temperature. In fact it was so quick that we had to double check the instructions to make sure it had worked and we had pressed the right button.

With hygiene at the forefront of most people’s minds, worried parents will be pleased to know the unit ships with plastic caps to cover the sensor, and in actual fact, the device won’t work unless you’ve got one of these in place - don’t panic the unit ships with 12 in the box.

Those battling an illness can opt to use the units memory feature and this allows you to store the last 6 temperature readings so you can monitor progress without having to write it down on a chart and make your bedroom resemble a hospital ward. The unit is powered by two AA batteries.


The ThermoScan is so easy to use that at one point we doubted whether it had worked.

Where this gadget succeeds however is the ease in which we were able to take a temperature of our test baby. Kindly loaned to us for the purpose of this review.

You may baulk at the £50 price tag, but if our tests are anything to go by this should be a must have for any parent needing to monitor anyone's health, let alone their baby's.

Top marks!

Writing by Stuart Miles.