(Pocket-lint) - One of the biggest problems with doing plenty of exercise, be it cycling or running, is that the longer you do it, the more hydrated you can become; it is one of the biggest problems that affect runners and cyclists. On short runs you can get away with a small water bottle, but anything over an hour and the advice is to get a hydration pack.

Halfords’ own range, entitled Bikehut is probably the last place you would expect to find a decent hydration system that meets all your needs; it's time, therefore, to be surprised.

The Bikehut rucksac hydration system is for starters really well made. Everything from the zips (always important in our book) to the material used to make the rucksac itself say quality. It surprised us because at only £40 this is one of the cheaper options on the market.

The crux of the Bikehut rucksac hydration system is the 2 litre hydration pack within it. As with competing models from other manufacturers the pouch can be removed easily for cleaning, that said, you’ll probably find that you won’t need to as the pouch's hole is pretty big. As with standard hydration packs, the Bikehut offering comes complete with tube and silicon tip and lock.

Get past the manufacturing qualities and you will soon realise that if you buy this bag you will have actually bought two packs instead of one. It is here that the kit really shows its flying colours. You can detach the 2 litre reservoir within its own 6 litre storage capacity backpack from the main sac for race days or smaller journeys.

What this means is that you get all the benefit of a dedicated hydration system like the ones from Camelbak and the benefit of having storage space for other kit or supplies on days out.

Rather than just enough room for your wallet and some keys, the attaching backpack offers up to 16 litres of storage - enough for a pair of trainers or lunch, an adjustable bungee cord for carrying accessories as well as a full waterproof cover stored within the bottom pocket for those moment when you get caught out in a storm.


It might not be the sexiest of designs - after all, it's black and grey - but it certainly offers bikers or runners enough space to store stuff without getting in the way of the hydration elements of the kit.

Top Marks!

Writing by Stuart Miles.