(Pocket-lint) - So you’ve set up office at home, you’ve got the computer, the all-in-one printer for your photocopying needs, so what are you missing? A personal water cooler of course.

In steps the Koolbabe. A small desktop water cooler unit that takes any bottle size from 0.5 litres to professional 3 gallon bottles and sits comfortably on your filing cabinet ready to serve you water - you can of course chill any liquid like wine or spirits.

Plugged into a nearby power socket the cooler promises to cool its contents within 2 hours and in our tests it did a pretty good job of it too. Those who aren’t too fussed with cold water can still opt for room temperature liquid as well.

Those not keen on doubling their office costs with gallons of Evian can opt for the optional extra filter accessory that works with standard jug filter cartridges.

Using it for the last month we’ve found that while the Koolbabe is great it’s not without its faults, mainly that if you want to use any bottle 5 litres and up you’ve got to have the swift movements of a ninja to get the water bottle turned upside down and in the hole quickly enough that the contents don’t come flooding out all over that filing cabinet.

The second is that unless you use a large bottle, the flow of water isn’t the fastest in the world and you can see why the phrase “Water Cooler” came about.


They say the best conversations are had around the water cooler, but working from home means you might miss out.

The Koolbabe is small, easy to use and allows you to serve chilled or room temperature water. It even chills wine or spirits, and doesn't cost the earth. Top Marks.

This product was kindly loaned to us by www.watercoolersdirect.com

Writing by Stuart Miles.