(Pocket-lint) - Nautica has launched a new watch that promises two faces, a compass and a chronograph but is this too much to offer for one wrist?

The Nautica N-MX 62 watch from Nautica has so many features that you wonder how the company has managed to fit it all on to the one watch and make it possible to wear it.

The timepiece offers date counter, a chronograph, a tachymeter, a second time zone and an analogue compass all in one watch and that's the problem.

The result is that it is so big that unless you are a burly ex-rugby player with wrists the size of most people's thighs, this watch is going to be so oversized and heavy that you just won't be able to wear it without some time down the gym.

Get past the size, and the watch is lovely. It's oversized ionic plated 62mm case with black dial and black leather strap has that sense of military style to it and the additional watch face for world time is so over-indulgent that it's almost a must have.

Of course the ultimate is the inclusion of the compass just so you walk off in to the wilderness and still have an idea how to get back to the pub.

Perhaps in the need to seal the deal, Nautica has also included a pair of binoculars and a torch pen with the watch.


The Nautica N-MX 62 is so over-indulgent that you almost have to forgive it for the fact that you won't be able to wear it due to its sheer size and weight.

Writing by Stuart Miles.