(Pocket-lint) - The summer isn't over yet. So what are you doing inside surfing on the Internet? Get out there and bar-b-que!

Haven't got a barbeque to grill on and those £3.50 efforts in a bit of tin foil are so rubbish? We hear you, honest we do, and strangely enough so do the makers of the Q-Grill, the company which has launched a portable gas barbeque.

Designed for a cheeky barbeque for two, the small grill looks more like an alien spaceship than a cooking device. Made from steel and plastic the barbeque has an incredibly small footprint (56 x 32cm (closed); 66 x 32cm (open) and weighting 7.5Kg) making it ideal for balconies or those short of space.

The unit folds out into two semi-circled grill tops that balance precariously on two supports that stretch out from the main base by means of lazy tong system (see images). Each grill top is powered by gas independently of each other via a central console. Above this console and in the middle is a light for those beach barbequing moments in the dark.

The controls are basic, in fact a little too basic for our liking. You get a switch for the light, an ignition button to fire the grills and then a gas valve dial for each side. The valves are marked with a plus or minus symbol and in our barbeque testing (it was tough) we missed having a simple 1 to 10 marker like any cooker to tell us how strong the flame was. This is especially noticeable if you are trying to cook on both tops at the same time.

The grills themselves are big enough for a couple of sausages and perhaps a burger or two (according to the spec sheet you actually get 105 square inches of grill space), but in reality there is really only enough space for food for two. Any more and you should expect to have to phase the cooking of your food over some time.

Because of the size of the grills, they can fit in your dishwasher or sink when it comes to cleaning and there is a foil drip tray that aims to keep the grill itself from getting too messy.


At £100 this is a touch expensive and has 5-minute wonder gadget all over it. But get past that and we were actually quiet impressed.

The Gas canister we bought from our local Homebase has lasted us a couple of barbeques so far and we have to admit the portability will appeal to those venturing off to the beach for the weekend.

If however you are a party barbequer then this, no matter how portable, just isn't going to suffice. For an extra £70 you can get an all singing all dancing model with multiple burners, spit roast rods and room for more than just a couple of bangers.

Good, but only suitable for a cheeky barbeque for two.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.