(Pocket-lint) - Summer's almost here (well supposedly) and so we've started getting those summer gadgets in at Pocket-lint to enjoy the hot weather as best as we can. The latest is a RF wireless remote control for your iPod.

Called the iJet Wirless Remote for iPod the unit promises control from up to 150ft away and because it's wireless and not infrared it will work through walls as well.

In tests we certainly have to agree with the claims of iJet. In fact it we got so far away that before it stopped working that we couldn't even see the iPod in the distance.

The device works by attaching a remote control receiver onto the top of the iPod in the headphone jack. At the side of the unit the headphone socket reappears meaning you can connect it to a hi-fi via the included cable. This then relays back to the small remote that you, according to the blurb on the back of the box, attach to your keyring. The keyring remote is small and water resistant, suggesting you can leave it out in the rain (handy for those summer days in the UK) and the keys are rubberised.

On the keyring you get five buttons: forward, back, volume up and down, and play/pause. For some reason the play/pause button is smaller than the rest and somewhat annoyingly positioned in the centre making it harder to press.


This is a polished unit that will give you access to your iPod without having to get off the sofa. The addition of a phono cable to connect the unit into your hi-fi means you can share the love and for the uber geek there is even a belt clip for the remote.

This product was kindly loaned to us by ipodworld.co.uk

Writing by Stuart Miles.